HTML5 Client

On this tile, you can edit the parameters for the HTML5 client web display:

Screenshot 4-1

  • Display the menu bar for all devices and computers or for mobile devices only.
  • Enable or Disable File Transfer.
  • Allow the Ctrl + Alt + Del shortcut on a specific type of device.
  • Choose your favorite Top Menu display between transparency and solid.
  • The number of graphical color bits.
  • The Connection Timeout.
  • Show or Hide Warning Messages.
  • Enable or disable sounds.
  • Choose your favorite background color.
  • Add a logo to the background.
  • Change the logon screen message and animated gif, as well as its display time in milliseconds.

Smartphone and tablets Preferences:

  • If the administrator uses the software keyboard, when it is hiding an entry field, the application is moved up and the user is still able to see what he is typing.
  • The administrator can select a small, a medium or a large size for the mouse pointer or no mouse pointer at all. It makes intuitive for the user to navigate inside his application.
  • He can also select the level of transparency for mouse and keyboard.